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Registration deadline: None

Information for foreign pilots, living outside of Switzerland:
- To fly legally in Switzerland, you are required to carry an IPPI card at level IV or V, as well as a third party insurance for a minimum coverage of 1 Million Swiss Francs.

- Requirements for the 2012 Swiss Championships:
Top 800 ranking in the paragliding XC WPRS within the past 12 months (enter month and ranking in the remarks field of the registration form)
IPPI Level 5 card (enter "IPPI 5" in the remarks field of the registration form). We will check your card at final registration.

-  If you have only IPPI Level 4, and were not ranked in the top 800 of the WPRS in the last year, but still want to participate: contact Martin at martin@azoom.ch

Registration fee

Registration fee is CHF 290.-
Pilots whose fee is credited on the SVH account after 11th July must show a confirmation of payment from the post office or their bank and will have to pay an additional fee of CHF 50.-.

Reduced registration fee for foreign pilots (living outside Switzerland):

- 195 Euro
- Free entry for foreign pilots on WPRS < 100

Foreign pilots do not have to pay in advance. Pls pay the exact amount in Euro or the equivalent in Swiss Francs (daily exchange rate) at the registration.


VisaCard or MasterCard:
Other possibility (but normally with more dues):
Zürcher Kantonalbank
8010 Zürich
Konto Nr. 1126-0032.536
IBAN Nr. CH44 0070 0112 6000 3253 6
Clearing Nr. 700

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